Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L.

Management & Certificates

In TALLERES J.M. LOPEZ, S.L., quality has always been a major concern. Since our company set up, in 1975—and throughout 35 year experience in iron and steel industry—we have never failed to dedicate special attention to customer satisfaction and to maintain high standards of quality in our work and customer service.

With this aim in mind, TALLERES J.M. LOPEZ, S.L. has up-to-date physical facilities and a great working team of qualified staff, however, it was essential to introduce a Quality Management System to enliven continuous improvement and keep on achieving our first purpose: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Thus, in 2003, we started the certification process ISO Standard 9001 (UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000) under LLOYD´S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE supervision, in order to be in possession of the Certificate in 2004.

Finally, after the staff from LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE visited our premises, the board of auditors decided to confer the Quality Management Certificate n# E 204615 to TALLERES J.M. LOPEZ, S.L., under ISO Standard 9001:2000.

This Certificate covers the following works and services:






Later, in 2019, we updated our Quality System to the current ISO Standard 9001:2015, which keeps our Certification valid to present day. Our company is constantly improving, thanks to the effort of our manpower, the synergy with our customers and suppliers and guidance from LLOYD´S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE annual external audits.

In our continuous process of improving the quality system, in 2022 we carried out the renewal of the certificate with a new BUREAU VERITAS audit team, certificate number ES132668-1 with expiration date 10-24-2025.

Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L. Management

DOWNLOAD  ISO 9001:2015 2022-2025



According to new Europea legislation, regulation 305/2011/UE of the european Parliament and of the Council on March 9, 2011, which is enforced throughout the countries of the U.E. Talleres J.M. López, s.l., started its certification stage for manufacturing of metal structures, in order to satisfy requirements of quality and continuous improvement as a goal of  its customers.

That is the reason why at the end of the year 2014 began the certification process, under the supervision of LLOYD´S REGISTER VERIFICATION LIMITED, with the goal of having the certification in 2015.

Finally, May 11 th, 2015 after audit team of Lloyd´s Register Verification Limited resolved to grant Talleres J.M. López, s.l. the certificate of conformity for Factory Production Control, in order to manufacture  metal structures with number 0038/CPR/MAD/20140076/A.

This certificate was successfully renewed on May 11, 2018.



PRODUCT STANDARD:  EN-1090-2:2008+A1:2011


In 2022, as was the case with the ISO: 9001 certificate, we carried out the renewal with the BUREAU VERITAS audit team, renewing said certificate until 07-20-2025.





In TALLERES J.M.LÓPEZ, S.L. we are especially sensitive about groups who find it hard to access the laboring market. We feel the need to set the procedures to ease the way for these people at risk of occupational exclusion.

Accordingly, we have reached an agreement with LA CAIXA (COOPERATION AGREEMENT WITH “INCORPORA” PROGRAM. LA CAIXA SOCIAL FUND FOR OCCUPATIONAL INTEGRATION). Thus, we favor people at risk of exclusion the access to occupational market and, at the same time, we promote CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L. Management



In Talleres J.M. López, S.L. we are aware of how important it is to take care of the environment and to protect nature. Accordingly, we have a strong commitment with governing law together with the spreading of a guide of best practice inside the organization.

We back into the right waste management and we understand this as all the work implied from creation of waste to its final processing. Waste is progressively reduced while energy resources are used as much as possible.

Waste produced in our facilities is removed from them through authorized Agents from Council of Environment of Cantabria (Consejería de Medio Ambiente de Cantabria).

In 2010, we joined SIACAN Management Tool – Cantabria Environmental Information System – (Herramienta de Gestión SIACAN-Sistema de Información Ambiental de Cantabria), which is accountable of the Government of Cantabria and the Council of Environment.

Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L. Management



Since the Health and Safety at Work Act 31/1995 (Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales 31/1995) came into effect, in Talleres J.M. López, S. L. we have been fully aware of our commitment to our most important asset, which is the health and safety of our human resources.

The staff appointed to the Health and Safety at Work Department is highly qualified to develop the aforesaid Act in our organization.

During 2015, we have passed an audit called AUDITORIA DE CERTIFICACIÓN, conducted by external auditor, which certifies our occupational hazard prevention system under 31/1995 Act and Royal Decree 39/1997 Prevention Services Regulation.


– We focus on customer service, social responsibility, environment and safety at work; always respecting the regulations applying in each case.

– Accidents at work happen mainly because of wrong management, so they can be avoided through a suitable management which detects the potential risk, evaluates it and puts it under control.

– Human resources are the most important asset in the organization, and they guarantee its future. Manpower must be qualified and they must empathize with the objectives of our organization. Their opinions must be taken into account.

– All our activities are done without endangering Safety and Health, no matter any economic or production considerations.


– The Management Staff guarantees the right working conditions for the employees in charge. Part of the work of the Management is showing concern and leading by the example.

– The organization sets the means the workers need to communicate any failing they see or suggestion they wish to do, so that they can be analyzed and carried out when possible. Innovation and continuous improvement is essential for the future of the organization.

– Workers are trained and get enough information about specific risks at their jobs, as well as the means at their disposal to prevent those risks. We dispose of the right procedures for the development of every single prevention activity.

– We analyze every accident with potential injure, then, we start correcting immediately.

– Our organization assumes the aforesaid as a guarantee of durability and growth.

Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L. Management



Talleres J.M.LÓPEZ, S.L. owns the following Certifications:

-Certified Companies Register (Registro de Empresas Acreditadas – R.E.A.). Law 31/2006 of 18th October.

Fire protection

-Fire Protection- Maintenance.  (M.-P.C.I./39/57).

-Fire Protection- Installation. (I.-P.C.I./39/57).

Pressurized Hardware

-Pressurized Hardware- Installation. Category: EIP-2 N# of Register: ERP-2 2009/1

-Pressurized Hardware- Repair. Category: ERP-2 N# of Registry: ERP-2 2009/1

-Pressurized Hardware Manufacturer N# 27/95

Oil Products

-Liquid Oil Products Installation (P.P.L.) Category II

-Liquid Oil Products Repair (P.P.L.) Category III

Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L. Management



Talleres J.M López S.L has adapted the management of personal data of the company to the obligations established in:
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, Relating to the protection of natural persons, with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data.

Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPD-GDD).

Talleres J.M. LÓPEZ, S.L. Management